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A secret benefactor has donated $2million to the prize pool of this online chess tournament. The $2million  will be split $1million to the tournament winner and $1million to charity. The winner will be the first player to win 21 consecutive games and will use the popular free turn by turn site


The tournament is targetted at subscribers to the Chess Chimps facebook group that currently has over 5000 members and is growing into one of the largest online chess communities on facebook.


"Analysis, if it is really carried out with a complete concentration of his powers, forms and completes a chess player.  

Lev Polugaevsky

Asked why he had fronted the $2m the anonymous donator said “I have always been passionate about chess and I am excited by the idea of a huge group of players, each of whom will learn more about the game and also receive information about the charities I support.

The tournament is turn by turn and won't finish overnight, it will need a lot of players to engage. I have a date of 1 January 2019 by which the tourament must have run it's course. If it does not get the interest I am hoping for by then we will call it quits and I will deploy my donation elsewhere.”